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Josiah Delorenzo, age 17

"Part of what makes a myth is its mystery. Myths are created from our own imagination and imagination is what gives myths the power they have over us. There are limitless possibilities when it comes to our imagination and I love that myths allow us to create entire universe’s beyond what actually exists. The stories that we tell become a reality in our own minds. 

The inspiration for the photos I take comes from the uniqueness of the moment.  The moments I like to capture are mysterious: influenced by the setting, mixture of colors, and overall ambience of that moment that feels special to me. There is no specific object that is the main focus of the photo, but the objects that are present add to the overall feeling or effect the photo invokes. What makes these photos unique is that they weren’t taken for the sole purpose of trying to fit in with the overall theme; these photos were taken based on my own perspective and what I felt I wanted to photograph. Like myths, I like that they can be interpreted differently depending on the person observing them."

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