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Courtney Norris and Jennifer Holderness founded Curated State in 2014 as a new approach to staging, providing an opportunity for local artists to show their work in properties being sold in the real estate market.  The staging side of our business has drawn to a close, but our pop-up exhibits carry on under Courtney's guidance. 

Courtney fell in love with textiles and art as a graduate student in Vietnam. She has worn many hats in the years since, including consulting with development organizations, co-authoring a Vietnamese dictionary, translating works of literature and conducting oral histories of Vietnamese-Americans. She was a founder of Golden Thread Silks, a family textile business that works with weavers and artisans in Southeast Asia. She brings to Curated State a global perspective on art, with 25 years of experience seeking out all that is inspiring from nearly every corner of the world. She has put this experience to work closer to home organizing art auctions and doing textile research. The miles of travel have led to professional connections to artists worldwide and an unflappable can-do attitude.