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Geri Urgel, age 17

"Over the summer, I had the opportunity to explore the theme of Myths and Monsters. At first, I was disappointed since I am not a big fan of mythology and beasts. However, I took on the challenge to explore the theme with an open mind which led me to make new connections with my photographs. 

Myths are man-made narratives that have been passed on from generation to generation. As time passes, myths change through the retelling of these stories where some details may be added, erased, or exaggerated. This brings me back to my photographs, where each experience their own change: the once clear window is now covered by moss, the once white sink is now corroded, and the once new window pane is now aged and broken. Like myths changed by the influence of each passing generation, these man-made objects in my work have been changed over time by the reaction of different elements. As a result, some parts of these objects are now transformed or missing."

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