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Domestic Venus: Hecho a Mano Series

Domestic Venus: Hecho a Mano Series

U.B. Morgan

Hand painted cast concrete

9” x 2” x 2”


This is part of a body of work that explores the interface between fine art and artists’ multiples.  It questions the value and relevance of the limited edition when the hand of the artist is not in evidence in the production of multiples.

In Hecho a Mano, I have created five different series of work with a limited edition of 25 each. Originals made of plaster were manipulated with clay, which were subsequently the source of a silicon mold. Each mold was then used to produce 25 castings out of concrete, which were then meticulously hand-painted. Repeating this laborious process 125 times over an extended period of time, I became a “one-man factory.” This work is about the endless process of creation and my becoming this “factory.”

$ 525.00