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Mary Burger

maryburger.com"Mesopic vision is the transitory range between light and dark, day and night, when we shift from seeing in color to seeing in shades of gray. During that transition our color range cools. We see less red and more blue. Transition. Threshold. Twilight. The pieces in Mesopic Drift extend that in-between moment into an ongoing transitional state. In Razzle Dazzle Melanism, oversize butterflies take on dazzle camouflage in an act of radical biomimicry. Wildlife imitates human life to find a new evolutionary niche in the unstable state of the Anthropocene. The painting series Pasible No Impasible (Strong Not Silent) looks to tumbling, improvisatory forms to be both reflective and responsive, conjectural but not fatalistic. Abstraction here is not a metaphor but an enactment of our always-transitory condition. All of human experience, including ‘abstract’ images, is real. (Debra Koppman) Arcs and Ladders, an installation of small works on paper, sits in the space between mark-making and art. Individually, these pieces barely dare to call themselves ‘works’, yet together they accumulate into the energy of looking and seeing." Between clarity and chaos. We are not exactly here and not exactly not here. And so we go on looking.