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Denise Laws

deniselaws.com“The various approaches I have chosen -- manipulating photographs, text, drawing, advertisements, sewing, re-appropriated materials, and ephemera - narrate the range I have been developing and exploring in my art. As a whole, the work is symbiotic: the series are outgrowths of each other, relating conceptually. Thematically, my work focuses on the form, language, the potential sense of humor of couture, daily apparel fashions and interior environments as they mirror and speak to the rigorous creative process and visceral experience of making art - as well as of fabric - almost infinite in it's range of textures and potentials - inspires my projects in much the same way a designer is enthused, challenged and directed by the medium. To dare, confront and awaken the ordinary by plundering from the everyday to a new birth and homage to the “Ready-Made”.  The questioning of art and art questioning everyday commonplace household objects, as well as another way of looking at the familiar.”