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TIDES OF CHANGE is Curated State's latest collaboration and space activation project with the Drawing Room.  The exhibition at 780 Valencia Street in San Francisco has been generously sponsored by 2BLiving Property Management Company in an effort to stabilize small businesses and support community resiliency through the arts. We are so appreciative of getting access this amazing space to share this incredible line up of artists and their works. 

TIDES OF CHANGE is a response by SF Bay area artists creating and sharing works based on the overarching theme of CLIMATE CHANGE. In this exhibition artists were asked to submit works that reflect upon the histories and progression of our warming planet, the impacts on life due to temperature and sea level rise, and the current calls for action right now. Artists around the world are making concerted efforts to go beyond creating awareness and directing their focus on creating change. On a global scale these voices are loud, but not loud enough. It is up to local communities and activists to build upon these calls for action to step up and create change. 

Author bell hooks reminds us that “...The function of art is to do more than tell it like it is—it’s to imagine what is possible.” 

This exhibition hopes to expand on the impacts of environmental injustice and its reach and relation to our humanity, in regards to gender, race and geography, and urban and industrial development. Climate change is not only about the impact on humans, but their role in the problems and the solutions.

Works can be seen here.